Filipina Dating Review 

Philippines Single Women: Love For Sale, Is This True?

The Philippines is a Third World country and being tagged as such only means one thing, the country is suffering economically. Filipino people are struggling to make ends meet day in and day out. Some even sacrifice their life here in the Philippines and work overseas away from the family just to survive and feed the family. Although all of these are true, is there a truth behind rumors about Philippines single women offering their love to foreigners for money? Is there a truth in all these accusations?

Life is really very difficult right now. Even those living in powerful countries like the United States of America and some European countries are also suffering from recession, the global financial crisis that had a domino effect and made an impact all over the world. The Philippines being a country that is still picking up the pieces is now again bombarded by problems left and right. That is why a very there are talks about some Philippines single women making their love available for a certain amount of money or other similar situations.

This is actually an issue that has been running around for quite some time now. But little or almost no evidence is found of this rumor being true. Maybe a handful resorted to this kind of trade but it has been generalized and with media sensationalizing everything it appeared to the world that every Filipina is doing it.

This is a very unfair allegation and very prejudicial at the same time. This is detrimental since things like these also happen in other countries but the Philippines was just singled out, for whatever reason nobody knows.

This kind of charges can be very damaging to Philippines single women in one way or another. Most foreigners think of Filipinas differently now after all the rumors. Some Filipinas would even feel put down by other nations’ people when they travel or go abroad.

Filipinas are actually very endearing and very congenial people. When they love, they give everything and they give their full trust and faith to the one they have chosen to grow old with. They only seek true love and not the kind of love that they are being accused of.

Some people say that they can not blame some women for doing such things and some would say that each person can choose how to live their lives and it is of no business to other people. They may have their reasons for doing it and they acted out of their free will. They probably know the consequences of their actions and they are entitled to decide on things that revolve around them.

Philippines single women are just like other girls in other countries in the sense that they will do everything to find the right love for them. Some would even go to great lengths just to get hold of true love. Some people just like to generalize and even things that are done by just a handful will be a very heavy burden that would be carried by the entire nation.