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Now, if you thought religion is all about sacrificing love, family, relations, then just have a look at this! This site claims to be a Christian pen pal site that helps people meet Filipina women…oops…sorry, women of any race, color, or other boundaries because it believes in spreading love!

If you are surprised by this, you are not alone! I was so astonished, I almost burst out laughing! Well, this site is a missionary service spreading the message of love by offering Filipina women as brides! The site has nothing much to boast about, except for the fact that everything over here is free. Yes, you heard it right!

You can get any lady's address free of cost. No hassles, no memberships, etc. And why is that? No prizes for guessing! Yes, it is written in the Bible! Whatever be the reason, the good thing is it is free and the only thing you need to do is to be sincere and pursue your lady. You have to mail the site requesting the address of your lady and they would come back with it in case the lady is interested.

One thing caught my eye in the text they placed above the ladies. It says, women in the profiles look much better in real life and hence ask the user to ask for more snaps by mailing them! Now since when did missionaries started preaching about the importance of beauty?!

The site talks more about donations than ladies or men, or for that matter love! It has at least one reference to charity on every page and the user, unless he or she is a very devout Christian would find themselves feeling awkward visiting this site! The funniest part is of course the site selling Philippine stamps to you because the ladies "can't afford it"!

Ease of Use: The site has nothing much to navigate. It has hardly four pages that load fast. Even the profile's page loading is fine and faster as compared to numerous other sites!

Selection of ladies: The ladies in the site do not look like fairies like other sites show! They look very real and all photos there have been shot by non-professionals. The pictures, as a result are of bad quality, but nevertheless you still have a chance to get their better ones, thanks to the free service!

Our star rating: 5/10. Though the site claims to be Christian and all, you would get a feeling that they are being phony, especially because of the numerous donation calls!

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